Boho interior - tips for a modern furnishing style

Boho interior - guide to modern furnishing style

Welcome to our guide to the modern furnishing style in boho interiors! We're here to show you how to transform your living space into an oasis of relaxation and comfort. Our goal is to help you find your own style and create a unique, cozy home that suits your personality and lifestyle.

What is boho interior?

Boho interiors are a modern interior design style inspired by the bohemian movement. It is a style that prioritizes comfort and relaxation, and is also known for its artistic elements. It's a mix of different styles, including hippie and vintage elements.

colors and textures

The colors in boho interiors are warm and inviting, and include earthy tones like beige, brown and gray as well as bolder colors like red, orange and yellow. Textures are also important and there are many ways to incorporate this, such as with rugs, cushions and throws made from wool or cotton.

furniture and decoration

An important part of the boho interior is vintage furniture. These can be found at flea markets or thrift stores and will add a unique touch to your space. Another option is to mix and match pieces of furniture of different styles and colors to create a unique look. Plants are also an important part of boho interiors as they help create a natural vibe.


Boho interiors are all about creating a relaxed atmosphere and lighting plays an important role in this. Indirect lighting, such as floor lamps or table lamps, creates a cozy atmosphere. Candles are also a great way to create a warm atmosphere.

Tips for a perfect boho interior

  • Combine different furniture styles and colors to create a unique look.
  • Incorporate vintage furniture and decorations.
  • Use earthy colors and different textures to create a cozy atmosphere.
  • Add plants to create a natural atmosphere.
  • Use indirect lighting and candles to create a warm and relaxed atmosphere.


Boho interiors are a modern interior design style known for its laid-back vibe and artistic touches. By combining different furniture, colors, textures and plants, you can create a unique and cozy home. We hope that our guide to modern furnishing style in boho interiors has helped you.

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