Modern Minimal Design |Part I

expressive simplicity and authentic combinations of static materials

Modern minimalism is probably one of the most interesting and desirable styles of our time. Speculative possibly an expression of the rapidly advancing technical progress and the constant push towards the simplicity of being. A very important comment on this - although we are talking about minimal and minimalism, this must not be misinterpreted under any circumstances. The minimalist style is associated with high precision, professionalism and perfectionism. The trick is to say a lot with just a few words.

We'll break this down a bit for our purposes and continue to confine ourselves to interpreting minimal design at home. As an online shop that has set itself the task of collecting, presenting and making specific looks and styles accessible, we have great enthusiasm and fascination for the impressively attractive recombination of the simple and elegant materials concrete, aluminum and glass. They are the iconic counterpart to naturalness and organic living space and yet they can fit into the natural and lively harmony in an impressive way.

In the interior, the primary materials mostly appear individually - and only rarely as a combination in one part. Probably because the solid and hard materials need a large area to impressively unfold their massive and durable character. With the vase Tamara, we show that it is still possible - and also very attractive - to carefully and elegantly combine two of the materials in a small space.


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