Modern vasen for the perfect interior: choice, function and use

Moderne Vase in modernem Interieur-Design bei Penhouse-Shop

Modern vases: the center of the modern interior

Modern vases Are not only simple containers for flowers, but also important decorative elements in the modern interior. They can come in many different sizes, shapes and colors and can easily transform the look of a room.

function and form

A modern vase Should not only look good, but also fulfill their function-to present flowers and other plants. Therefore, when choosing a vase Also pay attention to the shape and size. One too big vase Will overwhelm the room and one too small vase Will interfere with the presentation of the flowers.

materials and colors

Modern vases Can be made from a variety of materials, including glass, ceramics, metal and plastic. Each material has its own pros and cons and should be chosen according to the decor and personal taste. Colors also play an important role in choosing a vase . Light colors can brighten up a room and dark colors can create a more dramatic effect.

Modern vases In use

Modern vases Can be used in the interior in many different ways. They can be placed on tables, shelves, window sills or even on the floor. It is important that the vase In terms of size, shape and color, it fits the environment and that it does not seem overwhelming.

A modern vase Can also be used as a solitaire piece to attract attention. A single vase With striking shape or color can define a space alone.


Modern vases Are an important part of the modern interior and can be available in many different shapes, sizes and colors. They can easily change the look of a room and can be used as decorative elements. It is important when choosing a vase To pay attention to the size, shape, material and color to ensure that it fits the room perfectly and fulfills its function. If you're a modern vase To enrich your interior, you should look at the extensive selection of modern vases At Penhouse -View the shop.


  • Modern vases Are important decorative elements in the modern interior
  • Function and form should be considered when choosing
  • Various materials and colors are available
  • Modern vases Can be used in the interior in different ways
  • When choosing, it is important to consider the size, shape, material and color
  • At Penhouse -Shop you will find an extensive selection of modern vases .

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