Sofa cushions for the living room update: modern and trendy colors

Moderne Sofakissen für das Wohnzimmer-Update

Sofa cushions for the living room update: comfortable and stylish

The living room is the heart of every home and should be welcoming and comfortable. An easy way to create a new look is by using colored sofa cushions. Here are a few tips for combining couches and cushions in modern and trendy colors.

Trend colors for sofa cushions

The current trend colors for sofa cushions are natural tones such as beige, gray and green as well as strong colors such as blue, red and yellow. Combining different colors to create a modern look is also a popular option.

Color combinations for the living room

If you have chosen a neutral couch, you can choose bold colors for your pillows. A combination of gray and yellow or beige and blue looks modern and fresh. If you already have a colored couch, you can accent with neutral-toned throw pillows to balance the look.

Create a colorful look with sofa cushions

Sofa cushions are a simple and inexpensive way to add color to your living room. Visit the Penhouse Shop To choose from a variety of colors and designs and redesign your living room.

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MANDI Kissenbezüge 25" Punch Needle aus Baumwolle

MANDI Kissenbezüge 25" Punch Needle aus Baumwolle

Designer Kissenbezüge aus Baumwolle

Vintage Kissenbezüge in stylischem Punch Needle Design

Punch Needle Design Kissenbezüge

Material: Baumwolle
Typ: Kissen, Kissenbezug, dekorative Punch Needle Design Zierkissen
Stil: Vintage Punch Needle
Oberfläche: plüschig

Größe in cm

  • quadratisch: 45 x 45 cm
  • rechteckig: 30 x 50 cm
MANDI Kissenbezüge Punch Needle aus Baumwolle
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