KIM Rug 78" Punch Needle 'Fresco'

Product Information

Design: A dynamic interplay of blue tones complemented by soft beige and cream tones creates a vibrant yet harmonious aesthetic.
Style: A patchwork masterpiece that fuses modern pop art with classic home design - a true revelation for design-savvy souls.

Size Diameter (cm/inch) Thickness (mm/inch)
39" 100/39.37" 27/1.06"
47" 120/47.24" 28/1.10"
59" 150 / 59.06" 29 / 1.14"
79" 200/78.74" 31/1.22"

Special features: Noticeable patches at different heights that unfold a world of abstraction and elegance beneath your feet. Every detail of the rug is a tribute to the artistry and creative genius of modern rug making.

Care: Hand washable and easy to maintain with special carpet cleaner. For a longer service life, we recommend having heavier dirt professionally cleaned.

Styling tips: Perfect your reading lounge or creative zone with this rug. Combine it with simple armchairs and a minimalist side table surrounded by soft plants to create an oasis of calm and inspiration.

Scope of delivery: 1x KIM carpet 'Fresco' from the Faraday series, carefully packaged and ready to transform your home.

Unleash the power of design and bring an explosive mix of color and creativity into your home with the KIM 'Fresco' rug. Order now and experience the magic of modern carpet art!