GIN Handwoven Rattan Basket 12"

Product Information

shape Dimensions inch
Around Height: 30 cm, diameter: 19 cm 11.81" x 7.48"
Square Height: 30 cm, side length: 19 cm 11.81" x 7.48"

Material: High quality rattan, hand woven for durability and natural beauty

Style: Pastoral, brings a piece of nature into your interior

Usage: Ideal for remote controls, stationery, medicine, cosmetics and jewelry

Areas of application: Can be used in a variety of ways in the living room, bedroom, bathroom or office

Atmosphere: Creates a warm and inviting environment, ideal for a more organized and stylish home

Box contents: 1x GIN hand-woven rattan basket in the chosen shape, ready to bring order and style to your home

Bring style and order to your home with the GIN Handwoven Rattan Basket. Order now and enjoy the perfect combination of beauty and functionality.