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    Home & Living | Penhouse Studios

    "Home is where the heart lives." -Coco Chanel

    Welcome to Penhouse Studios, your exclusive provider of innovative and unconventional luxury interior design. With us you will discover the innovative Homestyle Interior - a unique opportunity to create an incomparable atmosphere in your home. Our collection offers you the best options to design your interior with style and elegance. Immerse yourself in the world of luxury interiors and let us show you how you can transform your home into an impressive oasis of beauty.

    Your home, your expression

    At Penhouse Studios we understand that your home is your own personal oasis. That's why we offer you a diverse selection of Home & Living products to reflect your individual style and taste. From modern furniture to unique decorative objects and stylish lighting - discover the right furnishings and decorations to give your home a personal touch.

    Innovation and sophistication

    Our collection impresses with innovative designs and sophisticated aesthetics. We work with renowned designers to offer you unique products that will take your living space to a new level of luxury and style. Each product in our collection has been carefully selected and represents quality, elegance and contemporary design.

    A world of comfort and beauty

    At Penhouse Studios you will find everything to make your Home & Living a place of comfort and beauty. From luxurious furniture that combines comfort and functionality, to artistic decorative pieces that add a personal touch to your rooms, to high-quality accessories that perfectly complement your decor - we offer you a wide range of products to enhance your home.

    A first-class shopping experience

    At Penhouse Studios we strive to provide you with a first-class shopping experience. Our online shop presents our Home & Living products to you in an inspiring and user-friendly environment. Our dedicated customer service team is always available to advise you with any questions you may have and to ensure you find the perfect pieces to enhance your home.

    Discover our diverse selection of products for Home & Living now and give your home a personal touch. Immerse yourself in the world of Penhouse Studios and find the right furnishings and decoration for your home.

    309 products