FRUIT vase 19" made of ceramic

Product Information

The detailed dimensions of our exclusive vase models are given in both centimeters and inches to provide an accurate idea:

Model Height diameter
cm inch cm inch
Lemon vase tall 29 11.42 20.5 8.07
Short lemon vase 25 9.84 20.5 8.07
Orange vase tall 42 16.54 20 7.87
Orange vase short 23.5 9.25 26 10.24
Lavender vase 31.5 12.40 20 7.87

Material: Finest ceramic, known for its durability and smooth surface

Style: Modern, simple, with a dynamic mix of colors and shapes that radiate freshness and joie de vivre

Design: Maximalist, each piece represents a harmonious assemblage of ceramic fruits that together create a mesmerizing visual symphony

scope of delivery

With every order you will receive 1 x FRUIT ceramic vase (in your chosen size and color)

To maintain the beauty of your FRUIT vase, clean it gently with a soft, dry cloth. To maintain the pristine surface, avoid contact with hard objects or abrasive materials.

Transform your home into a gallery of modern art with this exceptional vase. Choose your favorite model today and bring artistic flair to your rooms!