Leather Guide - care and use

Leather pillowcases make a stylish addition to any living room or bedroom, but they require special care and attention to ensure they last and look beautiful. Find out everything you need to know about caring for leather pillowcases in this extensive and detailed guide.

Avoid direct sunlight

Leather is a natural material and exposure to direct sunlight can cause it to fade or dry out. Therefore, avoid exposing your leather pillowcases to direct sunlight to preserve their color and suppleness. If possible, you should store the pillowcases in a place that is protected from sunlight.

Clean regularly

It is important to clean leather pillowcases regularly to remove dirt and dust. To do this, use a soft, damp cloth and gently clean the pillowcases. Be careful not to use aggressive cleaning agents as they can damage or dry out the leather.

Avoid water

Leather is a delicate material and should not be exposed to too much water. Therefore, avoid getting your leather pillowcases wet or cleaning them with water. If you do need to use water to remove stains or dirt, gently blot the water with a soft cloth and allow the pillowcases to air dry.

Avoid sources of heat

Avoid storing or using leather pillowcases near heat sources such as heaters or fireplaces. The heat can dry out and damage the leather.

Avoid sharp objects

Avoid using or storing sharp objects near leather pillowcases as they can damage the leather. Also avoid contact with sharp objects that can leave scratches on the leather.

Use leather care products

Use leather care products regularly to keep the leather supple and to protect it from drying out. Be sure to use a conditioner that is specifically made for leather and doesn't contain any harmful chemicals.

Professional cleaning

If your leather pillowcases are badly soiled or damaged, it may be best to have them cleaned by a professional cleaning service. They have the experience and knowledge to clean leather safely and effectively.


In summary, leather pillowcases are a beautiful addition to any home but require special care to maintain their beauty and quality.

By cleaning regularly, avoiding water and heat sources, and using leather conditioners, you can ensure that your leather pillowcases will last and stay looking beautiful. However, if you are unsure of the best way to care for your leather pillowcases, you can always contact the manufacturer or a professional cleaning service for advice and assistance.

In addition, you should make sure that your leather pillowcases are not constantly subjected to heavy use in order to avoid wear and damage. If you take proper care of your leather cushion covers, you will enjoy them for a long time and create a stylish and elegant atmosphere in your home.