Reindeer moss oak wall panels

Product Information

diagonal Length (cm/inch) Width (cm/inch)
27" 60cm / 23.62" 33cm / 12.99"

Known for its beautiful green coloring and unique wedge-shaped branches , our real reindeer moss offers a soft, slanted look that adds fascinating texture and color to any room.

Nature is not only a visual beauty but also functional. Our moss panels are naturally soundproof , ideal for creating a quiet work environment or a peaceful living space. Additionally, the materials are treated with a fire retardant spray to ensure safety and versatility in any space.

Choose our reindeer moss wall panels for a luxurious, eco-friendly design that is both aesthetically pleasing and practical. Create an oasis of calm with this magnificent natural product.

Included: An exquisite oak wall panel carefully topped with living reindeer moss, ready to hang and enjoy.