Discover the Punch Needle process: From cushions to carpets - part of the new interior trend

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Ein stilvolles Punch Needle Kissen, das Teil des neuen Einrichtungstrends ist

Punch Needle - The new trend in interior design

Was ist Punch Needle?

Punch needle is a technique used to design fabrics such as cushions and rugs. This uses a special needle to "prick" patterns and designs into the fabric. This process makes it possible to create unique and individual pieces that enhance the home and create a warm, cozy ambience.

The Punch Needle Process

The punch needle process begins with the selection of the appropriate fabric. Natural materials such as cotton or linen should be used. A pattern or design is then selected to be embroidered into the fabric using the Punch Needle.

The Punch Needle is poked through the fabric, creating a "loop". These loops form the pattern or design seen on the fabric. The process is simple and can be performed by anyone with a little practice.

Punch Needle as part of the new furnishing trends

Punch Needle is part of the new furnishing trends that focus on sustainability and craftsmanship. By using natural materials and creating unique, handcrafted pieces, you can personalize your home and create a warm, cozy ambience.

Our range of Punch Needle merchandise

Now that you have gained an insight into the punch needle process, we would now like to introduce you to our range of punch needle goods. Our products are all made with great care and attention to detail and offer a unique look that fits perfectly into any modern home.

Punch Needle Kissen

Our Punch Needle cushions are the perfect way to create a cozy atmosphere in your living room. You can choose from a variety of colors and designs to match the pillow to your personal style. Each cushion is unique and gives your room a special touch.

Punch needle rugs

Our Punch Needle rugs are also a real eye-catcher in any home. You can choose from different sizes and designs to perfectly adapt the rug to your needs. The carpets are made of high quality materials and are very durable. They also ensure a warm and cozy feeling underfoot.

Discover our Punch Needle range now

We hope that with this blog we were able to give you a good insight into the Punch Needle process and our Punch Needle goods. If you want to know more about our products or have any questions, we are at your disposal. Discover our range now and let yourself be won over by the beauty and quality of our punch needle goods.

We are looking forward to your visit!

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Penhouse By VEG.G

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  • Vincent

    Super cool! Ich liebe eure Kollektion, ich kenne keine anderen shop mit so viel unkonventioneller Diversität! ❤👍

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